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❝ Above all, an aesthetic surgeon is a surgeon of the soul and of well-being; as such he must be worthy of his profession
Due to our genetic code, emotional and pathological past, psychological state, tastes and fears…. we are each unique. For this reason, therapeutic management must also be unique and adapted to the individual patient. Only “Customized surgery” is conceivable”.

Chirurgien Esthetique Nice Docteur Besins

Doctor Thierry Besins

Aesthetic and plastic surgeon with more than 30 years’ experience, Dr. Besins consults and operates in his clinic at 2 rue Verdi in Nice and also operates at the Saint George Clinic for more complex surgical procedures.

A recognised expert in the field of aesthetic medicine (injections, lip augmentation, thread lifts, profiloplasty) he specialises in medical morphological and anti-aging techniques as well as plastic surgery to beautify and rejuvenate the face (wrinkles, forehead, eye area, nose, mouth) and of course the body.

Dr. Thierry Besins has been scientific director of AMWC Monaco (Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress) since 2015, founding president of SOFCEP (Société Française des Chirurgiens Esthétiques Plasticiens) and an active member of SOFCPRE (Société Française de Chirurgie Plastique Reconstructrice et Esthétique), ISAPS and ASAPS (Two international American scientific societies).

Verdi Aesthetic Centre

Situated just a few minutes’ walk away from la Promenade des Anglais or Avenue Jean Médecin, our medical centre specialises in aesthetic treatments of the face and body; we offer proven solutions for the prevention and treatment of visible signs of ageing, skin slackening, localised fatty deposits, morphological hang-ups or to sublimate your natural beauty..

Enthusiastic about medical aesthetic techniques and the human being, the centre’s medical team is highly qualified and supervised by Doctor Besins (plastic surgeon in Nice) and Doctor Foumentèze ( Aesthetic physician).

Aesthetic Center Aesthetic Surgeon Nice

Feedback & Testimonials

Beauty is a subjective notion, yet the role of the plastic surgeon is to beautify the reflection in the mirror… Doctor Besins is that artist. The one who understands and performs with the humility of talented people…
It’s a tough job, and a tough choice when it comes to entrusting your face! I met him on the recommendation of a local dermatologist and immediately got the feeling. He listened to me and then looked at me with attention and kindness. His analysis was completely in line with mine! I opted, among other things, for an upper lip lift and the result lived up to my expectations! Thank you so much!

– Mia Mila

Excellent plastic surgeon!!! Extremely kind and professional, accompanied by a charming team that puts you at ease and supports you, I, who am a great worrier …

– Nathalie Leygonie

The result was beyond my expectations. His assistants call him God, he’s incredible! He made me look beautiful and natural, and I’m so glad I trusted him.
If you have to pick someone, pick him!

– Roxane Avril

Doctor Besins took care of me on several occasions. He’s an excellent aesthetic surgeon, very talented, a true professional who listens and takes the time to explain things to you. His work is magnificent, and he’s a true artist who knows how to make you look good again and reveal your natural beauty… Thanks! I recommend 300%!!!

– Andrea Lemaire

Cervico-facial lift and self-fat injection. A very successful operation, 7 years later I’m still reaping the benefits. Great aesthetic surgeon, professional, charming, top-notch staff and Nice facility.
Post-operative follow-up very tolerable.

– Chris BOLIA

How to choose your aesthetic surgeon?

Each and every Internet site (medical or not) is very often tuned to advertising under cover of being informative. “Know about” has slowly stifled the essential “know-how”.

I fully understand that it is no easy matter to choose your doctor and that you turn to Internet for help.

Above all, do not trust social media networks; curiously enough you will not find your gynaecologist or neurologist amongst them… Rather listen to your doctor and to recommendations from friends and family; never forget that you will entrust your face (or body) to someone you do not know, which might well be risky!

Professional medical recommendations or checking a practitioner’s entry in the Medical Practitioners Council Register will be the first steps towards choosing a reliable doctor. However, the best way to ensure an aesthetic doctor’s competence is to learn of his career path, training, speciality and number of years’ experience.

Do not rely entirely on social media or forums where photos, messages, comments and opinions are not always reliable and where reality can be embellished and distorted. Word of mouth and reactions of those who have been a practitioner’s actual patients are far more credible. All the difference between “know about” and “know how”!

Make up your own mind from your impressions during a consultation (his listening skills, explanations, advice, the time spent with you) and not just from photos which show possible results.

A good aesthetic doctor or surgeon will not always say “yes” to you. He will advise you of the different treatments possible, the risks and implications entailed according to your indication and medical history; and this without harrying you, letting you think everything over before deciding. A doctor who tells the whole truth is very close to being totally trustworthy.

Please feel confident when consulting me to ask all the questions you have in mind; I shall give you clear answers to ensure you are at ease before undergoing a procedure. No question is “stupid” when we do not know the answer! I perfectly understand your anxieties and fear, which are justifiable (to have none would be suspicious).

Finally, there is a very real paradox which is extremely difficult to accept: the word “aesthetic” added to “doctor” does not guarantee expertise! Yes indeed, a doctor has studied medicine, but has he studied aesthetic? This field of medicine is not only scientific, but also personal; it depends on the practitioner’s sensitivity and preferences. Call it human sensitivity, artistic sensitivity -neither is learned, they are a gift, and you should feel the practitioner’s personality before making your decision.

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