Botulinic toxin injections


The use of botulinic toxin in surgery and aesthetic medicine has been the most amazing breakthrough over the last thirty years or so.

I believe that this “drug” is the only one to have only advantages and no drawbacks and which is virtually risk free; that is an exceptional and difficult statement for a doctor to utter.

This is due to the fact that the toxin is resorbed over a length of time and even if a tiny error appears it can be put right, and your face will always regain its original look a few months later.

What difference with hyaluronic acid injections?

Botox injections never give volume. They do not alter facial morphology. Botox inhibits muscle contractions, relaxes and brightens the face whereas hyaluronic acid injections fill out the zones requiring volume.

How does Botox work?

Botox temporarily blocks the junction point (synapsis) between a muscle segment and its motor nerve in certain selected areas in order to obtain the best possible results.

The aim is to try to fully relax those permanently contracted muscles which are responsible for visible ageing – unsightly wrinkles for example – and also of bone and fat wear around the eye area.

Main indications for Botox:

There are many:

Preventive ageing treatments: using Botox treatments early on prevents formation of wrinkles in the eye area (lion’s wrinkle, crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles). The deeper and more established are the wrinkles , the harder it will be to totally eliminate them because the surrounding skin is “broken”, like cracks found in badly maintained leather goods.

Curative treatment (effective for a given request): Botox is suggested for all facial muscle contractions as well as for treatment of the neck and certain parts of the body. Treatment for forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet but also for negative muscles around the mouth (pout, marionette lines, drop of the corner of the mouth, cervical bands and masseter muscle contraction, which leads to tooth wear and teeth grinding (bruxism).

We can see that Botox portrays only unparalleled advantages. (Age-prevention and treatment).

Botulinic toxin injections Nice

Other (less known) reasons for using botulinic toxin

– Improvement of skin quality, tightening of pores, improvement of fine lines at cervical level.

– Possibility to slightly alter the shape and position of the eyebrows and lift eyebrow tails “to open the eye”.

– Lesser-known benefit: its effect on migraines and excessive sweating of the underarms and extremities.

How does a session unfold?

To begin with, we listen closely to the patient’s request, then examine the face at rest and being expressive.

Imbalances are noted and explained (often there are many).

Medical history, allergies, medicines (aspirin) are all registered.

The product is explained to the patient together with its effects, why it might not be used; a comprehensive factual document will be given to allow full understanding before making a final decision.

On the day, you must arrive make-up free, face clean etc. You will undergo medical disinfection with an appropriate antiseptic.

Although the injections do not really hurt, they may be uncomfortable and we have several ways of minimising discomfort: anaesthetic cream, cold treatment, local anaesthetic, vibrations etc.

I shall then very carefully highlight the specific spots to be injected according to the result desired and imbalances to be righted. Different colours will differentiate those areas needing a higher concentration of Botox according to the muscle type targeted.

Micro Botox injections will be performed taking care to avoid any bleeding (a rare occurrence). A haemostatic anti-bruise cream will be applied. Perhaps you will see tiny papula for several minutes at the injection points, but these always disappear.

When will I see the result?

A definitive result comes four or five days later, and it is advisable to meet again two weeks after a session to discuss the result and touch-up if necessary.

There is no way Botox can visibly alter your face and the result will always be natural, although to be fair you will have “a healthy glow” and relaxed-looking features!

How long do the effects last for?

Between 3 and 5 months according to muscle strength, facial expressions and age.

During following sessions, it is possible to adapt the treatment by increasing the dose or by modifying the concentrate. In short, to aim at the best treatment according to any successive adjustment registered at the end of each session.

Generally speaking, my patients are happy with the result for about 6 months. The real problem is an addiction to Botox treatments since they are unbelievably effective, discreet and so very much appreciated by most of my patients.

In a very few cases, there is “resistance” due to a controversial “vaccination effect” which has not yet been proven. If this is the case, then a change of toxin brand can resolve the problem.

In conclusion: Botox has proved to be a true revolution in the treatment and prevention of facial ageing. It is the only known danger-free, virtually complication-free treatment which gives great satisfaction to a vast majority, becoming at times “addictive”.