Aesthetic medicine for the profile

Profiloplasty is a new concept to deal with facial rejuvenation and beautification.

Everything depends upon one’s perception of the other person, thus on one’s understanding of the codes which suggest we appear old, young, more or less attractive etc.

Instead of focalising on wrinkles, hollows etc which we analyse mostly looking from a frontal view, profiloplasty consists of understanding signals sent by facial lines and contours.

Indeed, a facial silhouette (like that of the body) allows us to give an age to the person opposite us, just a few feet away.

Our subconsciousness holds a multitude of perceptions (codes) allowing us to give an age to a person some distance away without seeing his skin details; this is simply through the lines and contours transmitted to us.

Using a very cartoon-like example, drawing N°1 “young and old silhouettes” underlines the evidence. A slightly convex forehead with a small harmonious nose, short, turned up upper lip, full cheeks, fleshy lips make us think of babies and therefore youth.

After analysing a profile, then the real art of profiloplasty consists in eliminating the older-looking lines and replacing them with new, more attractive and younger-looking lines and contours.

Analysis considers the harmony between the three tiers of a face; one must understand that a nose is judged by its size and length in comparison with its facial surroundings (mostly forehead, cheek and chin).

Harmonisation of the three tiers, more convex forehead, increasing of chin and lips, increasing cheek projection to give a much more harmonious nose.

Middle third impact on perception of ageing and size of the nose. Impact of the projection of the cheek on the perception of the size of the nose. It is always the same nose and yet by modifying the violet-coloured line, the middle nose seems larger and that on the right, smaller.

An extraordinary demonstration of the impact of a line on age appreciation. With one line less on the upper eyelid and a more convex forehead seen from the side, this same person appears fifteen years older.

Impact the position of the lower face has on the perception of nose size.

Only the position of the forehead has changed. Notice how the left-hand picture looks younger than the right-hand picture.

This patient has undergone a medical profiloplasty. Her nose has not been modified. Note the extremely positive impact of the advancing of her forehead, cheeks and chin which give the impression of a smaller, more harmonious nose.

Medical profiloplasty (using hyaluronic acids): a slight modification of the forehead, nose tip, cheeks, lips and chin increase the facial attractivity and harmony.

The same for this patient.

How does a profiloplasty intervention unfold?

This is a medical intervention, undergone in the medical centre, taking all the usual precautions when using hyaluronic acids.

These are chosen according to their ability to modify bone contours.

The injections are not painful, but a local anaesthetic is possible.

Results are immediate.

A couple of bruises or discreet oedema might be present for a few days.

The result, other than on lips, are very stable and may last several years although this does vary from patient to patient.

Come for a consultation.

CONCLUSION: Profiloplasty is a “magical” intervention, with high levels of satisfaction. The only problem is that patients do not come for a prior consultation, which is a great shame! All possibilities are discussed during a physical examination of the face.

Remember that it is impossible to become younger we can only give an impression of being younger.

We should act on these codes of youthful perception.