I’m glad I had the courage to walk through his doors. After a long period of reflection, I decided to undergo definitive tensor threading. All I had to do was find the right surgeon, and I did! No regret! I was apprehensive about the results, as I didn’t want to look like a wax doll. Dr Besins listened and understood me. He explained the process and reassured me as to the expected results. I got the hang of it straight away and trusted him completely. Beyond my expectations, it’s still me but 10 years ago ☺️. Dr Besins is a great professional, attentive, friendly and very reassuring. If Snow White’s stepmother had known about Dr. Besins and his tensor thread technique, no doubt the story would have ended differently 😁. Don’t hesitate, go for it. Thanks again to Dr. Besins and his friendly, professional team 😊. (Testimonial translated from its original language – French)